AMOSKEAG Furniture & Cabinetry, Co.

makers of fine custom furniture & millwork

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Amoskeag Furniture & Cabinetry Co. has been owned and operated by David L. Moynihan since it's inception in 1994.  Dave has had a passion for woodworking since he was a young boy, building projects at home.  Soon after high school he entered the construction field, steadily working his way up from labor to finish carpentry.  Then in 1981 he formed Moynihan Contracting Co. specializing in commercial construction and renovations.  With the desire to further hone his skills and interest in fine wood working, he made the decision to concentrate on creating cabinets, furniture and other types of millwork. It was then in 1994 Amoskeag Furniture & Cabinetry was born.

What We do:

We start with choice hand selected hardwoods and veneered materials from local mills to create heirloom quality furniture and cabinets that have lasting value for years to come.  We personally design each piece with your input to create the perfect look for your home.  We then use traditional joinery with modern equipment for perfect fitting joints and accurate tollerances.  It's qualities like these that separate us from the others.

Where We do it:

Until recently, Amoskeag Furniture & Cabinetry was located in the Millyard of Manchester, which is the inspiration for the company name. We can now be found at 289 So. Mammoth Road in Manchester (near Green Acres School - we're at the flashing light), by phone or fax at 603-622-9212 or via email at .

Why We do it:

It's a very lucky man who can say he loves what he does for work.  I am one of those lucky people.  Being able to create a work of art or just a simple piece that will make someone's life easier or better is a very rewarding endeavor.  Knowing that building something that will last for years or generations to come makes me put that much more into it to make it come out just right.

What can We do for You?

Call today to see what we can build for you.